Women's Leadership Committee


CO-CHAIRS: Ginger Pickle & Liz Underhill

VICE-CHAIRS: Sally Akridge & Caroline Boutté

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The Trust for the National Mall invites you to join our Women's Leadership Committee, a group of passionate and driven women who work to help fulfill the Trust’s mission to restore, enrich and preserve the National Mall.

Your membership, granted with a minimum donation of $1,000, ensures you 12 months of activities and recognition as a part of the Women’s Leadership Committee. We invite you to join the 2017 Women's Leadership Committee to restore, enrich and preserve the National Mall with a minimum donation of $1,000.

Spring Hats Luncheon: The Women’s Leadership Committee held an exclusive Spring Hats Luncheon at the Hay-Adams Hotel on April 18, 2017. The Committee gathered together to celebrate ten years of the Trust for the National Mall and the Women’s Leadership Committee while overlooking the White House and National Mall at the Top of the Hay. Click here for pictures from the luncheon.

Upcoming event: On June 1, the Women’s Leadership Committee will have the opportunity to participate in a special Work Day event on the National Mall – the Committee will pull out paintbrushes and put on waders to pitch in to help restore and clean Constitution Gardens. A bring-your-own brown bag lunch will follow on the National Mall. Become a member today, and join the Women’s Leadership Committee in cleaning up Constitution Gardens.

To become a member, submit your donation online, by mail, or by calling Vanessa Chebli at (202) 407-9415.

About the Women's Leadership Committee

In 2007, a small group of dynamic women formed the Women's Leadership Committee of the Trust for the National Mall. The first benefit event they sponsored was a luncheon in a small tent on the National Mall. Ever since that first event, the Women's Committee has been a driving force in advocating for the mission of the Trust.

The Women's Committee provides the energy and creative input needed to execute world class events and garner the prestige and attention our National Mall deserves. Members help to grow the Committee and are ambassadors for the Trust for the National Mall.

Click here to view the listing of the current Women's Leadership Committee.

Contact Kate Gordon or Vanessa Chebli for more information on the Women's Leadership Committee and how to get involved.