Turf Restoration - Phase II

A more sustainable, greener National Mall.

The National Mall hosts 33 million visits each year – more than Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone national parks combined.  In addition to visits from locals and tourists alike, more than 3,000 rallies, concerts, festivals and other events are permitted annually to gather on America’s Front Yard.

This extremely high volume of use has caused significant wear and tear on the once-grassy areas from the Lincoln Memorial to the U.S. Capitol. 

Get to know the turf restoration even better! Explore this high resolution panorama from August 2015 by clicking and dragging on the image.

In response, the Trust for the National Mall has supported extensive restoration effort led by the National Park Service to reverse this damage and make the park sustainable for generations to come.

The turf restoration project was designed to create a healthy and water efficient landscape across the renowned green expanse of the National Mall. Now complete, Phase II of the restoration, includes excavation and removal of 4-5’ of damaged soil, installation of irrigation drainage and a 250,000 gallon cistern to collect and allow the sustainable reuse of storm water, and installation of compaction-resistant engineered soil.

The Trust is supporting the on-going effort to manage the grounds with in-kind donations of products and services. In September 2013, The Trust announced that John Deere provided more than $400,000 in turf management equipment.