Restoration of the George Mason Memorial

Situated at the southern tip of the Tidal Basin, the George Mason Memorial honors the Virginia native and his contributions to the founding of this nation. As the Virginia representative to the United States Constitutional Convention, Mason is best known as the father of the Bill of Rights. He was a dedicated advocate of individual liberties and instrumental in shaping the American legal system as we know it today.

The Memorial site has a long history as a garden which dates back to the late 19th century when it was designed as a Victorian garden. It was later established as one of four national gardens by the McMillian Commission of 1902. A century later, the Memorial commemorating Mason was designed to incorporate this rich history and Mason's love of gardens. Dedicated in 2002, the Memorial was designed around the historic fountain and includes a larger-than-life statue of George Mason. Framing the statue is a stone wall engraved with quotations from the "Forgotten Father," and a 72 foot long trellis.

Since the Memorial completion, the central fountain has become plagued with algae blooms and costly maintenance. In addition, the extensive planting beds have been worn down and can no longer support the elegant plantings that have defined this site for over a century.

The rehabilitation of the George Mason Memorial is now underway. The yearlong project will include reconstruction of the central fountain, adding perennial plantings throughout the site and a thorough touch-up to the George Mason statue, trellis, and inscriptions.

The project is funded through a public-private partnership, with half of the funding provided by an appropriation from the National Park Service Centennial Challenge program, and an equal match from the Trust for the National Mall through generous donors including the Dr. Scholl Foundation and others.

Stay tuned for updates from this project.

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